New class

There is a new class of blogs appearing all over the net.

It’s me again, Savanna Clendining, here to reintroduce myself to the blogosphere. I am not a blogger, nor do I consider myself a writer. I’m barely a student, trying to save the world one communications class at a time.

My journey has brought me to ten different countries in the last year, and back to Word Press. My experience with Word Press has been a series of blogs about seemingly unrelated topics, all in response to assignments from an Intro to Digital Communications class through the Syracuse University Newhouse School of Public Communications.

Now I am in the next level class: “Digital Communications Systems,” and Word Press community, I have returned.

I learned a lot about the communications world a year ago when I used to blog – about Cheerio’s commercials, about politics (but not really because I want to remain a good neutral employee of the government and also run for office one day,) about the effects of AI on the health industry, and about 7 other topics that all have roots in the communications industry.

Are opinion blogs still popular?

Does anyone care what other regular people have to say?

There is a new class of blogs going around: politically charged news stories that attempt to provide facts about some official organization that may be presenting falsehoods to the public but there is a superhero with a Word Press account who knows better because they did their due diligence to research the subject. (Ref. “Fact Checking the Press Secretary” by Poet Fury)

I don’t think there is an enterprise to Word Press, but I believe it provides a more valid, more versatile, and more vocal platform for people with something real to say.

“Social media is not a place for educated material.”

Clendining, 2020

I think Word Press is.

I think you do too.


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